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Practices Development Models
At Balsam, we deliver a full spectrum of services - from application to development maintenance and support systems to businesses to meet their current and emerging needs.
  • The Waterfall Model
    Waterfall model, the pioneer of SDLC is also known as Liner Sequential Lifecycle model. Our software developers work on different phases of the project in a sequential manner to accomplish a specific task with clear objectives in which progress is done downwards like a waterfall. They follow each step diligently that include design, testing, installation, operations, troubleshooting, analysis, and maintenance to offer flexible and scalable solutions.
  • The Agile Model
    We employ agile methodology involving the integration of iterative and incremental processes with a focus on flexibility and customer satisfaction. We divide each task into small time frames or time boxes to deliver specific features for a quick release. As opposed to SDLC, agile model uses adaptive development methodology. We endeavor to develop custom functionalities that can be swiftly implemented and demonstrated in your business model.
  • The Devops Model
    Our software engineers work on DevOps operational philosophy to enhance communication channels between development and operations teams of an enterprise. We strategically look at the entire software delivery chain encompassing shared services to improvise relationship between units of an enterprise to retrieve productive outcomes with minimum turnaround time.
Objective Planning
Transparent and focused approach to meet a business goal.
Creating Design & Experience
Interactive, immersive and delighting design elements.
Developing and Testing
Adhere to standardized practices for best quality.
Going Live
Reach out to all with a big start to boost growth.
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